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Outlined and Fully Colored
Outlined and colored beautifully of your choice. Poses of each characters will fall under the artist's decision. Only one character. 
Commissions will start after the points is given. Forgive me for the delay or late submissions due to my responsibilities and major roles in the school.

500 pesos (4 characters, detailed dragons or other mythological creatures)
300-450 (three characters)
250 (1-2 character/s)
Outlined Solo and Duo
Outlined with a ballpen and having the sketches erased neatly. You yourself could take the opportunity to color it your way.

150 pesos (solo)
200 pesos (duo)
Outlined with ballpen or pencil, with neat shading of charcoal pencil.

80 pesos (charcoal pencil cost more than 100 pesos)
Trio or Quadro Sketches
Three to four characters in a simple sketch, with no color and outline as well.

100 pesos
Solo or Duo Sketches
A simple sketch, with no colors and no outlining, with a limit of only 1 to 2 characters.

50 pesos (using high quality paper)




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EejayLavey's Profile Picture
||Eltoni Jean Lauzon||
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
CuteBlackPlz by SimplySilent CuteBlackPlz by SimplySilent CuteBlackPlz by SimplySilent CuteBlackPlz by SimplySilent CuteBlackPlz by SimplySilent

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Black o1 by AngelicHellraiser

My name is EejayLavey!
Please call me Okami, or you can follow right after my real name, Eltoni.
Heart Border [Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Black] by RevPixy Heart Border [Black] by RevPixy

Pretty well known to be crazy, little, and gothic. But I reassure you that I am not like any typical girls you see out there, aka, ain't showin' off, just statin' the fact.
I'm a proud Filipino. Belonged to both Waray and Ilonggo tribes, but I mostly speak Ilonggo.
English is my first language, Filipino and Ilonggo comes second, Thai should made a part but after being in the Philippines for almost 8 years, I lost it.
I was raised in Thailand for 10 years(I quit my third grade by that time and resumed it there before spending my 4th grade in the Philippines), so, started living in the Phils in my 4th grade until I am now currently 11th grade.
My older sister said that I would have a possibility to move into Australia if I aced my grades(or make it good, for a matter, 'cuz I suck in any subjects with numbers)
My lifelong dream is to become either a fashion designer, a character designer, or an animator, but I ended up becoming an architect due to my family's decision prepared up.
Ask me anything aside from personal questions like where am I living, 'cuz that's just fucking creepy.

Tomboyish? Check. Gothic? Check. Short in height? Check. Asian? Check.

Yep, typical.

Am now living in Davao city, and enters in a university school.

Animated Skull Divider by Gasara Animated Skull Divider by Gasara Animated Skull Divider by Gasara Animated Skull Divider by Gasara

Wolfs rain by TheOfficalKateWolf Wolfs Rain Stamp First Kill by googlememan Puppy Love Stamp by foxyadder Wolf's Rain stamp by Tollerka
Wolf Children Stamp by TheArtDreamerCat Ame And Yuki Wolf Children Stamp by wow1076 Wolf Children Ame and Yuki - Stamp by Rumay-Chian (Request) Wolf Children Stamp by KittyJewelpet78
Proud to be Gothic - Stamp by Firethrill Goths Are NOT Satanists by jocund-slumber Gothic Stamp by topazgurl Forever Goth stamp by WargusEstor
Stamp Affinity Catholic by Galialay Rosary Stamp by mackwrites Yes, I do. by Shedara Hail Mary by Shedara
Decepticon Stamp by PsychoSlaughterman Autobot Stamp by PsychoSlaughterman TF Prime Autobots Stamp by Autopunk TFP-Prime supporter Stamp by 1Bitter1SugarMixed
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Redesigning Angela
I don't know if I said it before, but have I mentioned altering Angela's name into Amalthea? If I haven't, then there you go. The rest of the girls will be changed. As always -_- This isn't her final design or a new version, but it's like my way of coming up ideas to change her and such. I wanted to put on a little change because realizing that the Angela I designed is quite naked from the outlooks of only wearing a belt on her body is---seriously, I don't think Leo will pull up with her in the daily. He'll lose way too much blood from nosebleeding at the sight of her nudity even if she isn't practically naked. She's covered in fur and that's when I though that it's not very necessary for her and her team to wear clothing in the first place. Try putting on clothes on your pet dogs or cats, it irritates them in a way they'll do anything to bite it off and rip into shreds. That's the literal reason why I don't want to put clothes on Angela, Veronica, Tiffany and Kathleen.

Now, redesigning them and putting on a reason or something as a part of their history on why is it a necessity for them to wear clothes, I think the excuse is valid enough. It is still implied that they're assassins, but the reason portrayed on the story, now currently entitled PREDATORY TEARS than the previous ASSASSINS' CRISIS. I would recommend you guys to stay up with the updates if you want to learn more about my OCs. :) The outfit worn here by Amalthea(previously known as Angela)is inspired after Beyoncé's costume in her superbowl 2013 performance with a mixture of Nicole Scherzinger's clothing from the PussyCat Dolls music video 'When I grow up'. Her bangs worn across her face is never drawn for the sake of design, but with a big reason that affects her whole. ;) Stay tuned to my artworks and story if you want to know. 
I don't know how to draw a fucking guy, but I what I did to him made my day :XD: His face is all like, "Yes? Am I too hot?" You dayum right, son!La la la la Woohooooo! 
Dear Lord
Help me Lord God, Father Almighty. I don't know how to *beep*ing draw a male.Nuu Waaaah! Waaaah! 
SU Tsavorite SKETCH
Tsavorite.... Ermegerd! Ain't she lovely!LoveShe's a garnet, so... I am kind of inspired by Garnet's Afro-like design so I went with the flow. I love the Afros so much. Everything about them amazes me!:D (Big Grin) Beauty, most especially. Tsavorite and Angel Aura are best friends, their bond shares that of sisters. They both indulge their fighting styles in the Latin dancesport style, each with their own unique category. I'll outline and color her if I had the time. And yeah, I'm sorry if the paper is a bit too crumpled. It's very thin, low quality, yet the cheapest I could get for the time being. Bare with me.  

I'm open into doing "SUGGESTIONS" as to what I call it myself.

I'm here to ask you to give me suggestions on how things will go around my characters as to what they do and what they're referenced to do. I know it's a bit hard to understand, but an example goes like: 

    Can you draw Angela in her new design?

    Can you draw Angela as a boy and Leo as a girl together?

    Can you draw a cheetah mutant?

    Can you draw my character in your style?

The last one, however, depends if I like your character design or not. In terms of letting me draw your character, recite full information and details of it, most importantly, include a picture or leave a link of the image to it. I will not reply to your comments if I approved or not. (I honestly don't like to see poorly drawn artworks because I couldn't imagine the full details of it, if it's crappy, then accept it, and come back when your art is improved. Practice makes perfect. Don't assume your drawing is real art. Accept these insults as it will help motivate you more to encourage yourself to practice and improve more)

If I submit it, I will sold these as prints but I'll leave credits of course. I desperately need money because both my father and mother are jobless and I need to gather money this summer vacation for my education. You would know that I'm not lying. Why else would I sell prints unnecessarily? -_-

Do not expect me to finish these SUGGESTIONS immediately. 

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