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Outlined and Fully Colored
Outlined and colored beautifully of your choice. Poses of each characters will fall under the artist's decision. Only one character. 
Commissions will start after the points is given. Forgive me for the delay or late submissions due to my responsibilities and major roles in the school.

500 pesos (4 characters, detailed dragons or other mythological creatures)
300-450 (three characters)
250 (1-2 character/s)
Outlined Solo and Duo
Outlined with a ballpen and having the sketches erased neatly. You yourself could take the opportunity to color it your way.

150 pesos (solo)
200 pesos (duo)
Outlined with ballpen or pencil, with neat shading of charcoal pencil.

80 pesos (charcoal pencil cost more than 100 pesos)
Trio or Quadro Sketches
Three to four characters in a simple sketch, with no color and outline as well.

100 pesos
Solo or Duo Sketches
A simple sketch, with no colors and no outlining, with a limit of only 1 to 2 characters.

50 pesos (using high quality paper)




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||Eltoni Jean Lauzon||
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My name is EejayLavey!
Please call me Okami, or you can follow right after my real name, Eltoni.
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Pretty well known to be crazy, little, and gothic. But I reassure you that I am not like any typical girls you see out there, aka, ain't showin' off, just statin' the fact.
I'm a proud Filipino. Belonged to both Waray and Ilonggo tribes, but I mostly speak Ilonggo.
English is my first language, Filipino and Ilonggo comes second, Thai should made a part but after being in the Philippines for almost 8 years, I lost it.
I was raised in Thailand for 10 years(I quit my third grade by that time and resumed it there before spending my 4th grade in the Philippines), so, started living in the Phils in my 4th grade until I am now currently 11th grade.
My older sister said that I would have a possibility to move into Australia if I aced my grades(or make it good, for a matter, 'cuz I suck in any subjects with numbers)
My lifelong dream is to become either a fashion designer, a character designer, or an animator, but I ended up becoming an architect due to my family's decision prepared up.
Ask me anything aside from personal questions like where am I living, 'cuz that's just fucking creepy.

Tomboyish? Check. Gothic? Check. Short in height? Check. Asian? Check.

Yep, typical.

Am now living in Davao city, and enters in a university school.

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▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 BEST MISTAKE  ╾━╤デ╦︻

    Titania fabricated redenzvouz settled upon each of their individual assignments in order to keep the symmetry precise of the whereabouts of her fellow scoundrels(squadmates). Proposed by the leader herself, they divided the city into four segments; each holds their own priority to patrol the whole sector, familiarize the area, and gather the needed data, without, most imporantly, getting obliterated and manipulated. The information is vital for their mission, it holds a big role as to who they are and what made them themselves. 

Among the footages she came to find in hidden cameras set up by the corporation alone within every perimeter and corners, she hijacked a few of the security to finally found her target that coincidently matches her own level in terms of role distribution of the team. Needless to know the occupation, she ought to better be more knowledgeable about their profession in order to manipulate more easily. What comes with their biggest strength follows their biggest weak points. 

Once she couldn't clarify anymore of the pixels of the footage, she zoomed in more further and could take a hint out the variation of green, and unusually, very very unlikely to find a distinct shade of purple paired with such a color. Questions brimmed up her thoughts, well, until an African-American adult man dressed in a labcoat yells nothingness towards them.

A smirk curves up her lips at the point of finding a good connector to her neglected circuit, and by the immense speed, her digits fiddled the boards. Research and identification among thousands of references and correct identities, her eyes flashed over each face and she sharply analyzed the data info. Her index darts out of the scrolling key when she found one matched, and in the light of speed, managed to re-locate the person's coordination. 

"Baxter Stockman," she softly laughed at herself, glorious for the work she's best known collaborating at, "I might hope nothing ran out of stock, because you're whole identity," her grin widen maliciously, "is no stranger to me within 15.674 seconds,"

With an elegant brush of her hand in the air, her holographic displays vanished.

▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一PREDATORY TEARS╾━╤デ╦︻  

"What more could I provide you? I told you, the turtles are my nemesis!" he continuously brag on of his constant occurrences with her targetted preys, making Tatiana roll her eyes that she knew all this a few minutes back before pouncing over the self-proclaimed scientist, tied into a chain collected in the ceiling. Below lies high voltaged wires freshly and cut raw where wirings are nakedly exposing electricity dancing into the greeting. She trots around the victim in a safe area, marvelling at the sight of a helpless human refusing to give information at all.

"You should be thankful that I'm your given predator than my sisters, Baxter Stockman," she halted, posing to face him afar, cocking a hip to over-confidently, and swinging a wire in her hand with ease, "their ways of playing with a prey is ridiculously gruesome, I must say," she glances over her own cut of wire, shortly looking up at the scientist in the corner of her eye with a playful, innocent smile, "Well, mine is no different, but I don't include pulling what's inside out," her tail gives a slight flick, and when she strut a few more steps whilst looking at the forlorn held on to Baxter's barrier, she couldn't help but give a genuine smile, "I want the outside to reveal what's inside,"

Horrified. He couldn't feel less than being petrified at her words, and he knew for sure, that she simply wasn't playing jokes, she's playing him. What more he could possibly say?

"Tick, tock, tick, tock!" she teased, pressuring the scientist more further, and reminding him how the chain extends downward each time his heart skipped a beat. 

His face is practically inches away from those thread of venomous voltages, and it comes into a complete halt when electrical systems surrounding the area vanishes into a complete blackness. All except for the circuitry embedded around Titania's form, her clothing generates her own range of electricity, circular designs that decorated portions of her body glowed brightly at an instant command, it's virtually connected as to what she intends the clothing to do. 

Her folded ears twitched at a sudden movement occuring a few kilometers away, footsteps she presumed, and she's most sure that it wasn't her sisters' usual pawpads that meet the tiled floor. She analyzed the sounds carefully to examine the details, with the trained ear, she defined out large feet, reptilian feet. Heavily weighed yet judging by the movements, quite tender at the touch and lightsped. Impressive. It wields the ability of what her targets are highly named for; ninjas.

"Got to leave for the meantime, Doctor Stockman," she twirled the unplugged wire on her hand, glancing over the scientist on her shoulders, "Need to recall where I hid my bones, though I must reassure your name would never be easily forgotten," she purred, walking close to a generator and grabbing the lever before facing the weakened scientist laid on the floor, "and if you survived, try to riddle your boys: what breed am I?" she smirked, and her eyes wandered repeatedly, reminding Baxter as to what lays below his figure.

To his horror, he quickly guessed the generator would lit up the who building's voltage, especially freshly cut wires draped beneath him, the lever that would pull the power is right on her hand. His eyes widen in mortification, and she simply clicked with a genuine smile at the moment she hauled the pedal.

Unfortunately the heroic brothers came a little bit too late, they predicted Baxter Stockman abducting an innocent bypasser to abuse for experimentation or worst, be targets to his machinery. The apprehension is just to sudden to sink in, it's Baxter whose victimized by an unknown opponent. A brutal death too. Anger boils in freshly to the red bandanna'd terrapin, he surely abhor the scientist for his sadistic charisma, but he doesn't deserve to die this way.

The violet masked terrapin conscientiously scrutinize the area, investigating thoroughly for any given details for a barbarous death. It's the first they've seen so far, and they repeatedly question if the murderer is human at all? Nor mutant. 

"Status report, Don," the leader adjured with authority.

He shook his head anxiously, "Nothing, I-I got nothing," he dropped his goggles to audit any warm footprints, but the area is neat and cool to the heatwave signature goggles he re-set on the options.

"Dudes," the youngest breaks in the intensive atmosphere, hauling the brothers to look at him questionably, "what if the murderer was a ghost? Or a cool, bad-ass assassin? A-a cool ghost, bad-ass assassin!" he held his cheeks in horror, shaking to exaggerate his terror.

The red bandanna'd turtle massaged his brow ridge, shaking his head at his comrade's idiocy, and attempts to rearrange his brain back into his skull by whacking his head, not too exceedingly strong, of course, "What more dumb guesses are you gonna bring up, huh? It ain't helpin' at all, numb nuts,"

"It's just a hunch, bruh," he pitifully whined, rubbing his head to ease the slightly agitating sensation building up in his skull. Thankfully his brother knows how to control a blow that won't fracture his head like a cracked egg. 

A figurine lays low and unpresent in the room, listening to their conversation attentively, differenciating their voice pitch and characterization. It's no surprise to find their immature demeanor obvious that they're indeed teenagers, she's pleased and amused at such prejudice they withheld, imagining how their parental guardian(if they have one) would manage such a group.

She drop down a single eye-piece device hidden in her bangs to her right eye, zooming in closely to her targets and proliferating the pixelation of her goggle, and snapped multiple pictures at each angle turned by the turtles. Shortly after taking necessary photographic details of the brothers, she pursue hacking through the braniac's technological contraptions. Hijacked some of his files if there were any reliable details hidden in his documents, informational data of their bio most especially. She snipped into his apparatus and downloaded his whole file, just as it reached 63.472 at its percentage, a beeping noise was audibly heard below.

Her targetted victim turned and scanned at his own widget, and by the looks of it, she seemed caught. A holographic projector began tracing the location of the hacker, slowly reaching upwards and into the direction as to where she's positioned. His machinery, his range of technology are impressive. He allowed her to hack through his system to relocate the bandit, and she merely thought he was acting ignorant.

Her eyes widen in shock at the realization, and in the speed of light, she bolted. Her movement was silent, but at an angle as to where the turtles stood, and with trained or sharp eyes, they caught a glimpse of a singular figurine moving.

Shit, shit, shit, shit, she cussed to herself mentally, her foolish attempts at the first pace will make it difficult for her to adjust around Amalthea if she heard about this. 

Their speed are adequately equal as her range of velocity, much to her dismay. She had no choice but to drop on all fours, it doesn't make any change to her speed, but her flexibility will enable her to pass through obstacles more easily. Running through her perpetual exit, she stopped in a bliss and plugged out her wirings attached to her circuitry, kicking a gallon of water towards their direction, and she's quite thankful to find an idea with luck left to find it placed along the hallway. Still, the electricity supporting the building glitches repeatedly, however the lighting above her is nowhere near visibilty. Her eyes, unfortunately, made it one to remember for the smartest member among the brothers.

How could one ever bear such striking shade of violet on one's eyes? It endeavors electricity to its refining shade, but he could've sworn he saw something enchanting on her orbs. He let the sensation swept aside and fathom over her next move; it horrifies him just as how Baxter's death do. Water is envelops in their thick foot, and his eyes widen in shock when volts of energized matter ignites in her hands; he caught a glimpse of her canine-ish figure and her wicked smile, and in a very slow motion, her hand drops the wiring.

All four brothers reacted quick before she made the action, they focused more on avoiding the water by jumping into the nearest and highest object that could reform as their pedestal while the others clung into the ceiling with whatever commodity they could possibly clung into.

As soon as the ignition faded, they find the presumably murderer as to where she stood, absent. The action took merely seconds for them to tore their eyes off of her, and she's gone at the blink of an eye. The hallway stretches ahead and it'll take an entire minute to run off towards the exiting balcony or nearby window. Her speed and wit impresses the brothers, especially the intelligent one.

"Looks like we have a new competitor, boys," the leader grinned, challenged so as usual, not a hint of frustration at the bits.

His fellow colleagues followed, intrigued to find a new foe to test themselves with. The genius did smile at the thought, yet was somehow concerned around the idea of a female mutant, if mistaken, would cause such a murderous act that's beyond fatal. A simple death wouldn't surprise them, nonetheless, one that would slowly torture the victim--it's absolutely unhuman at all, even for a mutant, no mercy was paid. The pleasure of death that satisfied the murderer, astounds him.

▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一PREDATORY TEARS╾━╤デ╦︻  

Titania ran in a decent distance, farther enough from where she's last coordinated. She breathed heavily, not from panic, but from diligence carried in hand by the turtles. Now, all she need to worry is how to break the news to-

White paws landed a foot away as to where she stood, causing her to yelp that it never agitated the wolf to utter her words, "How did it go, Titania?" her tone is never altered as usual, monotonous, emotionless, yet gripped with full authority and intimidation, "Don't ever think I'd never apperceived the incidence of you with Baxter Stockman, and the targetted terrapins, miss Titania,"

She took her time to breathe in and out, stabilizing her breathing circulation in no regards to ever stammer under Amalthea's presence, "There's much to tell, Amalthea," she bowed in recognition.

The news enlightened the wolf's content.
PT| Chapter 2
Inspired by the song "Best Mistake" by Ariana Grande. 
Editing is inevitable. If I could possibly finish the novel once and for all, I would review each chapter to change a few words and correct any grammatical errors.

Before re-creating the Assassins Crisis characters, I revolve around the voice cast that could be provided for the characters. So as while being read, a visionary of their voices is imaginable.

Ariana Grande's voice is administered for Titania. There would be constant errors of her name in the novel, instead of interpreting Titania, I wrote Tatianna.Sweating a little... 

TMNT © Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird
TMNT2k12 © Nickelodeon
Characters that doesn't appear/belong to the original/2012 series are mine.  
7.2 earthquake magnitude. Holy shit, I really woke up and stood by the door(4am in the morning). 

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 ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 GET IT STARTED ╾━╤デ╦︻

         She slipped in her designated clothing, appropriate for the needed mission. Unfortunately, it comes to have more coverage than most of the clothing she and her squadron had ever worn. She shouldn't be surprised otherwise, since the targets came to be minor, younger presumably that herself. An excess of skin isn't that essential to lure them, their appearance is adequate enough at a probability.

The attire worn compliments her white fur appealingly, composing of which is themed to somehow look like an assassin attire correlating to winter. Tufts of fur decorated the edge of her hood and gloves, and despite wearing shorts and leg wrappings to absorb agility and proper blood circulation through the muscles, she felt exposed in her entire career. Honestly, she could have sworn wearing components of clothing that only veils her breast and the outmost private area that lies between her thigh, and for now wearing clothing that covers more, embarrassment somehow manages to unsheathe and say 'hello' to her.

Neglecting the blush that crept her cheeks, she brushed off her mane and tied it in her signature high pony tail, curtains of thick bangs conceal her left eye, giving it a more intimidated appeal. She brushed her fur neatly and tucked in her breast, admittedly she has difficulty concealing her massive bosom in zipping up her top. She wants to call it more as of a curse than a blessing, why would women ever be envious of having these?

She undoes her top and grabbed a cloth wrapping, binding her breast a little lighter before slipping back into her top.

After preparing her appearance, she took the handouts that were placed atop of the table and browsed on the targets given info.

The corner of her eye twitched at the sight of inadequate fills of data, and thought: So basically, we're the ones who should fill in the blanks.

This will be more difficult than she thought.

 ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一PREDATORY TEARS╾━╤デ╦︻  

         "How preposterous," the gray mongrel remarked; her eyes darted over numerous screens placed on the wall, surfaced with numerous details where two eyes alone can't possibly read within seconds, "there aren't adequate data encoded on any provisions. It's not easy to hack through their hands-on set of technology,"

"Barb, are you going to be thorough or not? You're rubbing dictionaries into your nose too hard, please don't do drugs, baby barb," the fox sassed, speaking all so smoothly, though the piercing tone in her voice can't be easily ignored of her impatience. She's leaning over the vacant wall afar as to where the grey mongrel fiddles over her varied equipments.

Other than being insulted, she just flashed a narrow gaze, more of like a lazy glare up towards the fox who suddenly finds the ceiling interesting. The mongrel rolled her eyes otherwise, nothing has surprisingly changed from her sister even as it is, years passed and puberty has made an unwelcoming hello.

"We've been together since we're pups and I'm quite impressed how you never gotten used to my constant mumbling that is made a habit of mine to express my thoughts," there's a playful venom in her soft and mellow voice, "such profound bullhead you got there, quite a quality I must say,"

Stomps rampaged as it approaches her and all the while still, even if the fox grasped her collar too forcefully, she remained holding a lazy, uninterested expression plastered on her dog-ish face.

"Oh ho ho, playing bitchy here, are we? Well two can play at that game-" with a fist gripped and held in an angle, there are no hesitation visible to her actions. If she's mad, she'll be hell mad. The mongrel, remarkably endured the action, and only lifted her paw to adjust her glasses back up to the bridge of her muzzle.

She's still calm at this state? Unbelievable!

If the mongrel ever assumed the fox to throw pity, then she's dead wrong, she'll prove that it'll be worth to throw a jab over a bitchy mutt.

"Spineless, pale, utterly pathetic to the touch," a cold, monotonous tone of a female's voice was heard from aback of both the mongrel and the fox. The familiar pitch, it could cause blizzard within an instant, it's no doubt to know that she's behind them over a ruckus caused by the foolish fox, who instantly had her eyes widen at the familiarity of her accent.

Turning, and disregarding the mongrel smirking victoriously, she gasped at the sight of the wolf she both fear and aggravate, "Amalthea!"

The wolf stands by the entrance door of the transportation aircraft, likely, a highly advanced black CH-47 Chinook-inspired helicopter. Her hand lies on the door frame, and her signature cold gaze focuses on both the fox and the mongrel.

She walked past the fox, she's about to utter mindless words, continuous stammer and have lies splattered, thankfully, she made it on her cue when she merely opened her jaws, "Save your deplorable of an excuse, shifty fox," she commands, walking past the vulpine.

Instinctively, she shut her jaws. And in the corner of her eye, she spotted the mongrel mending her collar neatly, a sly smile visible in her lips, oh how the fox wished she could smack it off her face with one swipe of her clawed hand. So this is her flow, she knew the wolf is nearby and took this moment to agitate a prideful and dignified fox full of nothing than muscles and attitude. All bark and no bite.

"Status report, Ianthina,"

The mongrel shifted into a comfortable seat, re-adjusting her headset settled on her ears and microphone nicely aligned to the side of her mouth, "The location of our targets lies over the sewers of Manhattan City, there is no specific coordination, although cameras and witnesses estimated that they're presumably anywhere below since they re-appear over every manhole," she activated a device, flashing detailed information in holographic displays of screens varied with countless of contents filled. Her piercing violet orbs scanned each word easily, despite the automatic scroll on every borders.

"We'll land on a nearby forest with a clean clearing," she began hauling the lever, "Dogfighter K-29 is transmitting, this is Titania of the Squadron Mongrel speaking, ready for take off," she mumbled over the microphone, giving cues to the pilots as to their designated role.

The wolf perked up her ears to her at the point of realizing, "And the US military?"

"We can easily avoid them locating us, of all the matter. Nothing can get through our systems nor sense our transportation. I've activated a barrier whereas we couldn't be visibly seen to the naked eye or radio sensory,"

She nodded in approval.

The vixen, out of the blue, had her eyes widen and both of her ears became aroused, "I hate to burst bubbles, but where on the freaking earth is Polly?"

Reactions came almost too hastily, the wolf nearly lost her balance, the mongrel almost shoved keyboards when she kept fiddling her fingers on the surface, and the vulpine, stared in shock, "Seriously?"

She jogged on the nearly closed door, forcefully pushing it before it completely closed. The pilots caught the fox's violent act, panicking to re-open the door, and as expected, she found the young pup chasing after the aircraft on fours.

"Have you been chasing your tail, Polly?!" she exclaimed rather ridiculed by the young member's idiocy.

"No!" she squeaked back, running after its tires, making exhaustion visible, "Though I may or may not have drank on the toilet bo-"

"I don't want to hear it!"

▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 PREDATORY TEARS ╾━╤デ╦︻

          "You are unbelievable, Polly," the vixen constantly scolded, shaking her head with her hands crossed.

Times like this was most certainly predictable below the youngest member of the pack. For a representative who held the title being the youngest and agile amongst thousands of recruits, she may act a little too tardy within times, and that occurs whenever she indulged too much energy. Nonetheless, over serious times and moments where a true assassin's trait is reviewed and used for the best essential, she comes to reveal her value in useless occasions. The leader, admittedly is disappointed, and the pup does discover how the wolf, in defiance of facing her back to the group, would steadily throw quick glances at her in the corner of her eye.

"I'm sorry," she creaked, whimpering beneath the dominance of the wolf who stood afar from her, but could sense her intimidating presence, "it wasn't my fault you allowed me to party last night,"

The mongrel groaned, her hands fidgeting on the keyboard, and gliding on the holographic screen displays, before twirling to meet the young one's heterchromic eyes, "We allowed you because we're all given freedom to whatever we like when we accomplish missions,"

"Partying hard almost sounds like a joke to us, lil' girl," the vixen shrugged, her lips nearly puckered, "we never thought you were serious,"

The wolf, turned and this caught the group's attention, "Hold any distractions of your little fun and it won't be too late to take a turn back," her cold, piercing voice stabs their soul, "Never show these pathetic hobbies under my presence," she started pacing towards them, meeting eye-contact with each of them, and their ears perked down, "We're never built to be passionate nor possess anything to our likeness,"

They lower their noses, appalled by her monotonous voice when she continued, "Exhibit them once more, and I'll never hesitate throwing you all out of the squadron,"

Her eyes narrowed, "I hate using items that are useless,"

It struck them.

Their feelings are mixed, it's although, unidentified. Was it anger? Guilt? It's a probability to withheld both. She disregarded their liability and faced pilots, "Fall accord to our coordination, distracts aren't greatly needed within my crew,"

This happened numerous times, all of within missions, and are scolded more than once, thought it never injects their nogged mind.

For now, they need to keep their note. Never let emotions be dominant. It's a role of an assassin to forget remorse.

PREY's Data Sheet

Victim: "Terrapin Vigilantes"
Witnesses: N/A
Occupation: Vigilantes
Description: A number of four anthropomorphic turtles, brothers as they call among themselves, reside beneath Manhattan by the sewers, using ninjutsu as their form of combat skills in occupying their roles as vigilantes, fighting for the city's safety in no need of name, face, and credits but for tranquility alone.
Purpose for Obliteration: Re-enact the main purpose of the FANG corporation, victims have been playing a dangerous role that wasn't professionally made for themselves and without the permission of the government agency
Assigned for the Task: Mongrel Squadron
Permission: Accepted
Mission: S-rank
Consideration: If mission fails, the squadron will be permanently wiped out.

The leader's main focus should lie on executing these terrapins after gathering rightful information. No remorse, no distractions.

▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 PREDATORY TEARS ╾━╤デ╦︻

          "Don't you think the mission is too absurd under the squadron's case? They may be compatible and invulnerable but still, the conditions you gave them made it more crucial. They will obviously die trying until they'll succeed," Angrona pleaded out aloud, begging for reaching the Headmistress' mercy.

Angrona is the Major General of the corporation, she displayed full control over her boundless strength, and her gentleness veils her violent nature in battle. Wise, discipline, and robust, she held the full package. Rarely students who came under her authority barely survived her training nor even came to be accepted to be her apprentices. The wolf of the squadron earlier, amuses her to the full potential. Nevertheless, she did caught exceedingly the high council's or high ranks' attention. Her display of strength, intelligence, stamina, and all of the matter, is beyond average.

Holding concern for the member is unthinkable, especially for the trainor herself.

The headmistress responded with a silent turn, her hazel orbs practically glows in the shadow, "They take the risk, we shouldn't question that,"

Angrona gritted her teeth, resisting the urge to growl before the headmistress, despite having her as her closest friends, it's a priority to remain respectful under her command at all cost, "Amalthea is my student,"

"And what holds any relation, do pray tell,"

"She's-" Angrona thickly swallowed a heavy lump at her throat, bravery conquered the weakly cries even at the tiniest crack of her voice, "-she's the daughter I never had,"

The headmistress remained silent, deep in thought that it's falling upon their status quo to prevail remorse at all given times, and the person she hold respect among the high council, is breaking it.

It's what she feared.

Display of rage wouldn't help clarify the situation, however. With her soothing voice, she monotonously interpret, "Mistakes caused is a privilege for them to learn and what not to repeat," her eyes soften to meet Angrona's a nearly teary gaze, "they willingly take the risk for a reason, old friend. It's not only you who is suffering,"
PT| Chapter 1

I put on much of what my ass could take. I am not sure if this is final, but I hope it is. This doesn't happen to be part of what I planned the first chapter to go, but I like the flow and maybe I could make some adjustments. 

I hope you like it. I make them as far as bitchy and badass as they could. But sooner or later, you'll see how much of a dork and goofy they are. Far more worst that you imagined. Don't expect too much though. 

TMNT © Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird
TMNT2k12 © Nickelodeon
Characters that doesn't appear/belong to the original/2012 series are mine.  

Predatory Tears
A TMNT fanfiction I'll be writing myself. I'm going to put on originality on the story. Not only will the plot vary, the turtles' original plotlines will not alter. Each of the original characters of the series will remain as to who and what they are, I will not apply any changes to their backstory or history, I will not change their characteristics and etc.

I encourage you guys to, you know, if you have vacant time and shit, you could sit down and read this. Oh, and by the way, the novel will have cussing around, because I just felt like whenever a character swore, you could feel the tension or the pressure the character felt. And in some ways, I used it as a comedic reference. But anyways, young women nowadays do have filthy mouths. 

The story revolves around my OCs' point-of-view, cause I knew whenever fans would read this, they be all like confused as fuck as to when did the occurrence happen revolving around the original series of the TMNT2012 genre. This is one of the biggest reason why I will throw my own style on designing the characters in the TMNT series. ALTHOUGH, it still revolves around the 2012 genre('cuz admit, they're so freaking precious thereLa la la la )

In writing this, I add a lot of inspiration into making this story (Ultraviolet, Æon Flux, Salt, Kill Bill, etc.)

This isn't the final book cover so relax if you felt annoyed about the part where the POV revolves around the girls instead of the turtles.

Action, drama, slice of life, fantasy, romance, comedy

  ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一 PREDATORY TEARS ╾━╤デ╦︻  

A pack of mongrels will do what it takes to end the life of terrapin vigilantes striding around the city; this will be their biggest test to reject remorse, obtain their roles as true assassins, and take an earning that could save their mother's life from dying. The quest wasn't that easy as to what they have assumed and planned. However, it wasn't remorse they come to be torn in between. 

I'm open into doing "SUGGESTIONS" as to what I call it myself.

I'm here to ask you to give me suggestions on how things will go around my characters as to what they do and what they're referenced to do. I know it's a bit hard to understand, but an example goes like: 

    Can you draw Angela in her new design?

    Can you draw Angela as a boy and Leo as a girl together?

    Can you draw a cheetah mutant?

    Can you draw my character in your style?

The last one, however, depends if I like your character design or not. In terms of letting me draw your character, recite full information and details of it, most importantly, include a picture or leave a link of the image to it. I will not reply to your comments if I approved or not. (I honestly don't like to see poorly drawn artworks because I couldn't imagine the full details of it, if it's crappy, then accept it, and come back when your art is improved. Practice makes perfect. Don't assume your drawing is real art. Accept these insults as it will help motivate you more to encourage yourself to practice and improve more)

If I submit it, I will sold these as prints but I'll leave credits of course. I desperately need money because both my father and mother are jobless and I need to gather money this summer vacation for my education. You would know that I'm not lying. Why else would I sell prints unnecessarily? -_-

Do not expect me to finish these SUGGESTIONS immediately. 

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